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          Welcome~Puyang Yili Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Official Website
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          Puyang Yili Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Puyang Yili Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

          National hotline15639355678

          Yili Chemical·ProductsWell-experienced team.High-tech products with complete specifications and ample supply

          Degradable polyacrylate silane esterDegradable polyacrylate silane ester

          Degradable polyacrylate silane ester

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          Silicone triisopropyl methacrylateSilicone triisopropyl methacrylate

          Silicone triisopropyl methacrylate

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          Silicon triisopropyl acrylateSilicon triisopropyl acrylate

          Silicon triisopropyl acrylate

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          Trimethyl iodide silaneTrimethyl iodide silane

          Trimethyl iodide silane

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          About us

          Walk into·Yili ChemicalConcentrating on the production of chloride and organic silicon series products

          Puyang Yili Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Ji, Lu, Henan three provinces at the junction —— Puyang, convenient transportation, Puyang high-speed, Beijing-Zhuhai high-speed, Daguang high-speed and other major traffic routes……...


          EnvironmentProvide high quality service to our customers

          Focusing on the·Yili ChemicalYou are concerned about is our concern

          Company news

          Puyang Yili Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Puyang yttrium, chemical technology co., LTD...

          May 18,2020 at 9:16 am, clear sky Lang Lang, cloudless, spring breeze blowing willow, the sun.........



          • E-mail:15639355678@qq.com
          • Address:South of Xinghu Road, Hubuzhai Town Park, Chemical Industry Cluster Area, Puyang City
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