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          Welcome~Puyang Yili Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Official Website
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          Puyang Yili Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Puyang Yili Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

          National hotline15639355678

          Puyang Yili Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
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          National hotline

          15639355678 0393-6995999
          About us / Puyang Yili Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

          Puyang Yili Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Ji, Lu, Henan three provinces at the junction —— Puyang, convenient transportation, Puyang high-speed, Beijing-Zhuhai high-speed, Daguang high-speed and other major traffic routes. Registered in November 2017, registered capital of 50 million yuan, covering an area of more than 70 mu. Long-term production and management of pharmaceutical pesticide intermediates, complete procedures, advanced equipment, high-end products, broad market, management concept frontier, rich operational experience. The total investment is about 300 million RMB, two production workshops, four warehouses, the main control room, the machine pump room, the power distribution room, the maintenance workshop, the R & D building and so on total 12, the total building area is about 2 More than 40,000 square meters, chlorination series products annual production of 9000 tons, silicone series products annual production of 1000 tons of production scale.

          Methyl chloromethyl chloromethyl chloride and methyl trichloromethyl chloromethyl chloromethyl chloride are mainly used in the synthesis of pharmaceutical and organic polymer materials, chloromethyl isopropyl carbonate is the key intermediate of anti-HIV and anti-HIV drugs, and chloroethyl isopropyl carbonate is mainly used in the synthesis of cephalosporin.


          trimethyliodosilane, trimethylbromosilane and hexamethyldisilane in the series of organic silicon products belong to medical organosilicon. trimethyliodosilane is mainly used in the synthesis of the third generation cephalosporin antibiotic ceftazidime. hexamethyldisilane is the main raw material of trimethyliodosilane, which is mainly used for self-use. Part of it is used as raw material of organic for export.


          The company adhering to the quality first, reputation-based, price concessions, service first concept, so that the company's products in the consumer occupies a higher position. The company's commitment, abide by the contract, to ensure the quality of products, with a variety of business characteristics and the principle of small profits, won the trust of the majority of customers.


          Technical guidance services can also be provided. All employees of the company will welcome customers to negotiate and cooperate with high quality service!


          • E-mail:15639355678@qq.com
          • Address:South of Xinghu Road, Hubuzhai Town Park, Chemical Industry Cluster Area, Puyang City
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